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Rochelle Haynes

Rochelle Haynes, a Dallas, Texas native, received her BFA in dance from the University of the Arts. Rochelle joined Tap Team Two in 1997 as their principal dancer, and she has taught and lectured on the history of tap as an American art form throughout the United States. In her 10th year of teaching, she is on the faculty at the University of the Arts, Temple U., a tap guest artist in residence at Moravian College and a choreographer for the Garden State Dance Festival. She has studied with tap masters within the United States, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. Highlights of her professional career include performing with tap greats Nicole Hockenberry and Germaine Ingram. Performances include “Danceboom “; Philadelphia Folklore Project’s “Dance Happens Here” ; “Tap Extravaganza” in New York City, which honored tap master, LaVaughn Robinson; and a recent performance in Praque, Czech Republic for “Prague-DC-Philly”. She has been a member of Triplett Dance Academy’s faculty since 2007.

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