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Triplett Dance Academy Acro classes are one hour in length for all ages and levels. Acro class is a style that combines classical dance technique with the precision of acrobatic elements. The class focuses on a dancer’s center of gravity, extension, tumbling skills, muscle control, contortion and discipline. See the registration page to register for class. Acro dancers wear leggings, bike shorts, sports bras, or leotards with no shoes.

Fall Schedule: 2022-23-FALL-CLASSES-WITH-Levels-1

FALL CLASSES 2022-2023:          

Acro Level 1: Friday 4:15 (1 Spot)

Acro Level 2: Friday 5:15 (FULL)

Acro Level 3/4: Friday 6:15

*Must be evaluated if you have prior experience with tumbling skills, contortion, or any other acrobatic skills

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