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Ballet is a complete training system enjoyed by dancers throughout the world for its artistry and physical benefits. The diverse professional backgrounds of our teachers provide ballet students with training from the Vaganova school in Russia as well as the “Balanchine technique” associated with many U.S. companies.

We welcome students with prior training and will assist in finding a class that is right for all levels and interests.
Complete fall schedule: 2022-23 FALL CLASSES WITH Levels
FALL CLASSES 2022-2023:    
Ballet Basics:    Monday 5:15, Wednesday 4:15 (FULL) or Friday 4:15 
Teen Basics/Level 2: Thursday 7:15
Ballet Level 2:   Wednesday 4:15 
Ballet Level 3:  Wednesday 6:15
Ballet Level 4: Monday 6:15
Ballet Level 4/5:   Thursday 8:15 (preteen/teen)
Ballet Level 5: Tuesday 4:15 *(Mon 4:15 or 5:15)
Ballet Level 6:   Wednesday 4:15 *(Mon 5:15)
Ballet Level 7:   Tuesday 6:45 *(Mon 5:15)
Ballet Level 8:    Wednesday 6:45 *(Mon 6:45)
Ballet- Technique 1: Monday 4:15
Ballet- Technique 2: Monday 5:15
Ballet- Technique 3: Monday 6:45
*Denotes classes that have a corresponding technique class. To be enrolled, a dancer must be attending both technique and performance classes each week.
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