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Jazz is one of the most popular dance styles at the Academy.  Beginner classes are available for every age, but we welcome students with prior jazz training and will assist in finding a class at the right age and level.  Contact us to arrange a placement session.

FALL CLASSES 2022-2023:          
Jazz Basics:     Wednesday 5:15 (FULL)  or Friday 5:15 
Jazz Basics (teen/preteen):  Tuesday 7:15
Jazz Level 2:  Tuesday 5:15 
Jazz Level 3:  Wednesday 5:15
Jazz Level 4:  Tuesday 6:15
Jazz Level 5:  Wednesday 7:15
Jazz Level 5:  Thursday 5:15
Jazz Level 6:   Thursday 4:15
Jazz Level 6/7:  Wednesday 8:15 
Jazz Level 7:    Thursday 6:15
Jazz Level 8:   Thursday 7:15
Complete fall schedule: 2022-23-FALL-CLASSES-WITH-Levels-1
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