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Preschool 3 Year Old Program

The Preschool Program for 3 year olds is the perfect introduction to dance young children.  Classes begin with tap to develop rhythm, and instructors  introduce counting as it relates to movement and music. In the ballet portion of class, the young dancers work on balance, develop motor skills and begin the stretching needed for all forms of dance. Our dancers love to show their “arabesques,” “passes” and ballet pointes. We also encourage the dancers to show artistic expression during improvisational exercises. See the registration page for information about registering your child.

FALL CLASSES 2022-2023:      

Tuesday 10:00, Thursday 4:15 (Full) or Saturday 11:00 (Full)

Class length: 50 minutes, once per week

Preschool dancers wear pink leotards, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and white taps (tap shoes with buckles).  All dancewear is available at Triplett Dance Academy.

Complete fall schedule: 2022-23 FALL CLASSES WITH Levels

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